Airfield Lighting for Municipal Airport

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Airfield Lighting for Municipal Airport

Airfield Lighting for Municipal Airport

 Solar Airfield Case Study Glade Municipal Airport

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Application: Airfield Lighting for Municipal Airport

Product: AV-70 Taxiway/Runway/Threshold Lights, Solar Powered Lighted Wind Cones, Solar Powered Pilot Activated Lighting Control (PALC), Ground Mounting System

Location: BelleGlade,Florida U.S.A.

Site: Belle Glade Municipal Airport

Owners: City of Belle Glade, Florida

Date: January 2017

Operating, Installation & Maintenance Efficiencies for Municipal Airport

First Completely Solar Airfield Lighting System in State of Florida


The initial project plan called for lighting the Belle Glade taxiway and runway following a runway paving project. The lighting would be added at an unspecified future date when funding was available; this was due to the high cost of installing a traditional hard-wired lighting system. Project engineering firm, Kimley-Horne, investigated the installation and operational cost efficiencies of Avlite’s solar, pilot activated lighting system for Belle Glade.

The Solution

The Avlite total airfield solution provided substantial cost savings, and when combined with grant money from the State of Florida, Belle Glade Municipal Airport was able to include all of the airfield’s lighting as part of the initial paving project.

Belle Glade now offers an enhanced flight experience for existing flight operations and anticipates expanding its general aviation business as well as attracting new charter services.

“The project provides quite an improvement. Prior to the runway improvements, the field had no lighting. We had planned to install traditional lighting on the runway at a later date, as funding allowed. Based on the limited use, lower cost, eliminating installation and maintenance of an electrical vault at an airfield with little expertise or maintenance resources, the Avlite system was the best alternative.”

– Laurie McDermott, State of Florida Department of Transportation – Aviation, District 4


  • Fast & easy to deploy – no conduit or trenching for wires
  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Long life expectancy and practically maintenance free
  • Typical applications include: taxiway and threshold edge lighting
  • On-demand pilot activiation option
  • FAA and ICAO compliant

” The total cost for both of Avlite’s lighting design and construction was less than just the design costs of a conventional lighting system.”

– Dave Bardt, Principal Sr. Vice President Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


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